10 Genius Tips for Organizing Your Shoe Collection

Tired of stacking your shoes and constantly finding yourself tripping over a pile of shoes? It may be a sign to organize your shoes correctly. Don’t have a huge walk-in storage, coat closet, or a professional organizer to help you organize your multiple pairs of shoes? Lucky for you, we’ve outlined 10 top shoe storage tips for storing your shoes effectively, so you can say goodbye to stumbling over them for good. From vertically maximizing space to hidden shoe storage, explore all of these great shoe storage solutions for your entire shoe collection.

10 Tips For Shoe Storage

Here are the top 10 best shoe storage ideas that you can explore that go beyond a metal shoe rack or storing them behind your closet door in an over-the-door organizer.

1. Vertically Store Your Shoes to Maximize Space

When it comes to storing any of your belongings, specifically in this case, vertically storing your shoes can help maximize space in your home. There are a few options you can consider, including wall-mounted shoe racks or over-the-door organizers to make sure you have easy access to your shoes. You can choose which shoes you want to wear with all of them laid out in front of you. 

2. Clear Shoe Boxes or Storage Bins

One of the many great shoe storage ideas to help store your shoe collection, including your flip flops, designer shoes, and boots in the most aesthetically pleasing way is to purchase clear shoe boxes or storage bins from the container store. Storing shoes in a clear storage bin can not only be visually appealing but can also protect your shoes from accumulated dust and moisture over time.

3. Hidden Shoe Storage

If you don’t want or need to display your shoes and would like them to be stored away and hidden, consider hidden shoe storage. What about bed storage? Does your bed have room underneath to store your shoes away in storage containers? If not, perhaps investing in a pulled-out drawer can be worthwhile. This can be a smart idea amongst the many shoe storage ideas, especially if you live in a small condo or apartment or simply lack the space in your home to store away your shoes.

4. Install Floating Shelves

As a long-term shoe storage solution, you can install floating shoe shelves in your bedroom or closet. This is a great use of the vertical space in your home for shoe storage and being able to view your shoes without them being absolutely over the place. You can also consider doing a tiered shoe rack with floating shelves to take advantage of vertical space on your walls.

5. Store Shoes in the Garage or Shed

Have extra space in your garage or shed? When you’re stuck in a pickle you can turn to your garage for extra space, especially if you live in a small space. If you’re simply lacking space in your garage due to some belongings you no longer need or use, it may be worth decluttering your garage and doing a massive cleanout.

Although garages are a common area for storing belongings, it’s important to note the temperature fluctuations and humidity levels in your garage or shed. If there is too much fluctuation in temperature and humidity levels, this can damage your shoes over time due to moisture, dust, etc. This is especially crucial if you plan on storing your leather shoes in the garage as the extreme temperature changes can be detrimental to the leather. However, if you use a container to store your leather shoes, avoid direct sunlight, and clean before storing they’ll have a better chance at keeping it’s condition.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a better solution than short-term shoe storage, it can be a better option to opt for a storage unit, specifically a temperature-controlled one that is cool and dry.

6. Custom Built-In Storage

This tip is for all sneaker enthusiasts or at least for those who are looking for something custom. To personalize your space to store your shoes, you can build a custom built-in shoe cabinet to store all your shoes. It’s one of the many shoe storage ideas that allows you to choose the dimensions, material, and colour based on your shoe storage needs. It allows you to build according to the look and feel of your home while maximizing the space you have.

7. Temperature-Controlled Storage

Storing shoes in an environment where it is temperature-controlled with good air circulation helps preserve the quality of your shoes and avoid excess moisture. As mentioned earlier, storing your shoes in an environment with constantly changing temperatures or high humidity levels can lead to discolouration, damage, and deterioration, especially if the material of your shoes is prone to those.

8. Use a Rotating Shoe Rack

A rotating shoe rack provides a great storage solution for those looking to have a 360 view of their shoes at all times. It’s not only an effective way to save space by storing vertically but is easily accessible for anyone looking for a specific pair of shoes when they’re on their way out the door.

9. Shoe Hangers for Heels

Have you ever heard of hangers for shoes? This is especially known to help store heels since they often deserve special care when storing them away. Hanging heels on hangers can ensure they stay in pristine condition by providing a designated space for each of your heels and protecting them from damage over time. Say goodbye to potentially damaging your beloved Jimmy Choos!

10. Storage Unit

A storage unit, specifically one that is temperature controlled can be extremely beneficial, especially for those who value the longevity and care of their shoes. Having a storage unit can allow you the space to organize your shoes rather than simply jamming them in your hallway closet, which in the long term can damage them. What’s beneficial about storing your belongings in a storage unit as it can allow you for seasonal storage and rotation. You can easily store your winter footwear in the summer months, and then transition to the winter by bringing out your winter gear and storing your summer shoes.

More Shoe Storage Tips

To help you further in your shoe storage journey, here are a few of the most frequently asked questions and answers that people ask plus some additional handy shoe storage tips that can be useful.

Plastic Shoe Boxes: Yes or No?

You can indeed store your shoes in plastic shoe boxes as they can help protect your shoes from any potential damage from dust and moisture. Plus, you can see what’s in the box without having to open it up, which is a huge bonus! Who doesn’t love easily accessible storage solutions? Although convenient and accessible it’s important to be mindful that storing your shoes in boxes can actually at times trap moisture and mildew can build up over time. If you can find a plastic shoe box with proper ventilation it can serve as the ideal storage solution.

Do Shoes Deteriorate in the Box?

Yes, shoes can deteriorate in a box, specifically a cardboard box without the proper ventilation, as some shoe materials such as leather are more susceptible to damage over time. For example, if you leave your beloved sneakers in their original shoebox without proper ventilation it can cause damage to them over time.

It’s a good idea to ensure the box has proper ventilation for this reason and to be stored in a cool and dry place. To avoid deterioration while storing in a box use acid-free cardboard, which typically has neutral PH and is less likely to transfer acids to your shoes and accelerate the aging of them.

To further prevent the deterioration of your shoes, making sure you store clean shoes is important. Cleaning your shoes beforehand can be beneficial. You can take a cloth to remove any dirt or debris accompanied by a shoe cleaner. Before you store your shoes away, remember to ensure that they are completely dry before storing them to prevent mildew and mold growth.

You can also use acid-free paper inside your shoes can help protect them from moisture build-up, discolouration, or simply extra protection. Acid-free paper can also come in handy with packing and traveling with your shoes, whether that be your everyday shoes, sandals, or heels.

Why Are My Shoes Dry Rotting in My Closet?

Are you faced with the unfortunate situation that your shoes are dry rotting in your closet? The simple answer to that is because there isn’t enough proper ventilation. Closets, whether that be your bedroom closet or front foyer hallway closet are prone to trapping moisture and growing bacteria due to the fluctuating humidity and temperature levels. Pro tip: Add water and vinegar to clean any visible mold on your shoes.

How Do You Store Shoes When Not in Use?

A shoe tree can help you maintain your shoe’s shape, while they are not being worn and stored in storage or on a shoe rack. Using a shoe tree, can prevent creases and absorb moisture. Shoe trees are most beneficial for your nicer footwear, especially expensive snow boots, high heels, and dress shoes.

How Can I Store a Lot of Shoes?

First off, sort through your shoe collections and declutter your shoes continuously. This includes throwing away shoes with mold or severe irreversible damage and donating ones you no longer wear. This will help make room on the shoe rack in your hallway near the front door or extra space on the top shelf of your bedroom closet. Once you’ve gone through the decluttering stage, look at any one of the 10 shoe storage ideas to store multiple shoes.

Categorize Your Shoes

Regardless of which shoe storage method you choose, try and organize your shoe collection based on seasonal footway or special occasions. For example, store boots in storage in the spring and summer months while you have your sneakers, sandals, and other summer shoes front and center. On the other hand, grouping your shoes that you consider your everyday shoes or casual shoes apart from your heels and dress shoes can make it easier when you are searching for a specific type of shoe.

How Can XYZ Storage Help?

We offer temperature-controlled storage units in various sizes ranging from compact to large for all your storage needs, whether you’re looking for a seasonal solution or a more long-term storage solution. If you have any questions about our storage units at any of our self-storage facilities across Toronto and the GTA, feel free to stop by, and our storage experts will be glad to assist you with your storage needs.


published: 17 February 2024