Benefit Party for the Rob Ford Football Foundation.

three men standing, two wearing white buttoned up shirts, the one in the middle wearing a blue dress shirt with a black blazer, grey fence in the back, teal umbrellas above the tables
man wearing blue dress shirt with striped tie and a black jacket, another man wearing all black, black tables and silver chairs in the background, white fence, brown building
man wearing black shirt holding a cigar and a green circular object, brown brick wall behind, black and white border window
woman wearing a white blouse and black bottoms with black heels, man wearing blue dress shirt and black jacket with striped tie, black tables with silver chairs, teal patio umbrellas
brown brick building with two windows, three men standing in the front, two wearing white and the other wearing black
group of men wearing black gathering around black squared table, one women wearing a blue blouse, grey fence behind them, teal umbrella on top
brown brick wall with three windows, man wearing blue dress shirt and striped tie with black jacket, group of 7 people standing in the front facing the wall
6 people gathered talking to each other, city intersection in the background, outside
two men wearing white shirts, black chalkboard with brown border in the back, brown brick wall, outside
group of people standing in front of black chalkboard with brown border, brown brick wall with two windows
man wearing blue dress shirt and black blazer, brown brick wall with two windows, three people standing in the front
group of people standing listening to someone talk, brown brick wall, teal umbrella, green trees in the background

On July 18th 2012 Hal Spradling of All Canadian Self Storage organized a benefit for The Rob Ford Football Foundation. Given the recent tragic events in Toronto support for organized sports could not be more timely. Held at The Cherry Street Restaurant, everyone enjoyed great food, and drink along with some fierce bidding at the silent auction where all the proceeds went to the Ford Football Foundation. Hal Spradling and All Canadian Self Storage would like to sincerely thank everyone who came out to support the cause including those who donated not only their time but also items items for the silent auction. Special thanks to The Cherry Street Restaurant, The Smokin’ Cigar, Brigham Enterprises, Kretek Canada and Steve Himelfarb of Suncor.


published: 31 July 2012