What is mobile self storage?

Mobile self storage is a brand-new, very convenient option. As opposed to hiring movers or bringing items to a self storage facility, we can actually bring a mobile container right to your home, business, even your condo.

Mobile self-storage to some people is the next generation of self-storage, in that the name implies, it’s mobile. We bring containers to your residence, you load the container or if need be we can provide loaders for you. After the container is loaded, you lock it with your lock, you keep the key, completely secure. We then pick up the container, take it to one of our warehouses, where it will remain for the storage period. If you do need access to your goods during the storage period, you call us and unlike most competitors, at no charge we put the container in a customer service area where you can access the container. When you want the container returned at the end of the storage period, you call us, and we deliver it to you anywhere in the GTA.