what is mobile storage?

We are the only Mobile Storage that is designed to service the entire Greater Toronto Area. It is a simple solution for your storage needs. All you need to do is schedule a mobile storage container to your location. Return and re-delivery of the storage containers are scheduled based on your timing to your designated location. Mobile storage from XYZ Storage is the the best option in convenience and flexibility. Whether you require storage because of downsizing, you’re planning a move, or another reason, you can save time and money using this option.

How does this save you time and money, you might wonder. For starters, there is no need to rent a truck or hire a mover. In fact, with mobile storage, you bypass loading and unloading a truck completely – and only have to load and unload your Storage Container one time as opposed to packing the storage unit once and a moving truck twice! The more items you have to put in storage, the more time this option will save you. Learn more about our Mobile Storage solution.

our mobile storage solution in GTA

We are known as Ontario’s first and most popular mobile storage provider when we previously operated as All Canadian Self Storage. Now as part of XYZ Storage, our mobile storage solution is affordable, convenient and secured. We service many neighbourhoods within the Greater Toronto Area. Your belongings are stored in a heated, clean and secured storage warehouse. The security system and fire alarm sprinkler system is monitored 24 hours. Numerous video cameras are located in and outside of the building.

The storage containers (5′ x 8′ x 7′) are designed to accommodate the contents of an average room. The portable storage door opening is user friendly at 4 ft wide and 7 ft high. Our XYZ Storage mobile storage containers are custom constructed of wood and not metal, there is no condensation damage to stored goods. Mobile self storage containers can be delivered to any residence or business in the GTA including the downtown core condos and the Beaches. Five containers can be delivered per trip. Clients can load their belongings into the storage unit, then secure the door with their lock.

XYZ Storage can provide packers and loaders upon request. Loaded portable storage containers will then be picked up and stored. Access is available to your storage unit upon request at no charge. Return/re-delivery of the storage containers will be scheduled as per your request and to your designated location (may be different from the original pick-up location). Portable storage clients may order, with container delivery, wrapping and covers for furniture, packing supplies, moving boxes and storage locks.

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