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Cost of Self-Storage Units in Toronto West in 2024

At XYZ Storage, we recognize the significance of offering economical self-storage solutions for our clients in Toronto West in 2024. We are committed to providing competitive rates for our self-storage units, ensuring that our clients receive excellent value for their money. Whether you require a compact, small, medium, or large unit, we aim to cater to your storage needs while staying within your budget.

Outstanding Value and Customer Care

By renting a self-storage unit at our Toronto West facility, you not only secure access to a unit that meets your storage needs, but you also enjoy exceptional customer service and the convenience of various facility features. Our unique drive-through feature, availability of truck rental services, and our one-stop shop for moving and packing supplies all contribute to the value and ease we offer our clients.

How much does a storage unit cost in Toronto West?

For comprehensive information on the pricing of storage units in Toronto West, please refer to the price list below or visit our XYZ Storage facility, where our storage specialists are dedicated to assisting you in finding the best storage unit that suits your budget and requirements. We are devoted to providing affordable and dependable self-storage options in 2024, ensuring that you have access to the space you need without compromising on quality or service.

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which storage unit size do you need?

our most popular storage unit sizes


25 square ft

A 5’ x 5’ self-storage unit is considered one of the small-sized units that we offer at our Toronto West facility. This sized unit can fit a closet's worth of belongings including seasonal items, chairs, books, toys, or luggage.

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50 square ft

A 5’ x 10’ self-storage unit is one of our smaller units at our Toronto West self-storage facility. You can compare the size of 50 square feet of space to a standard walk-in closet. It can fit a couch, seasonal clothing, collectibles, gardening supplies, and much more.

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100 square ft

A 10’ x 10’ self-storage unit is considered to be our medium-sized unit that you can find at our Toronto West self-storage facility. It can fit an average size bedroom's worth of belongings and furniture whereas you could store larger appliances and pieces of furniture that you may not be able to fit in our smaller XYZ Storage units.

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150 square ft

A 10’ x 15’ self-storage unit at our Toronto West self-storage facility is one of our larger units. You can store a tonne of furniture with 150 square feet of space! It can fit two or three bedrooms worth of furniture, appliances, and other belongings to be more specific,

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200 square ft

A 10’ x 20’ self-storage unit at our Toronto West self-storage facility is one of our larger units as it can hold more than two or three bedrooms of furniture and belongings. This sized unit is ideal for those that need to store their condo worth of belongings away in storage or a few rooms in their house.

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250 square ft

A 10’ x 25’ self-storage is a large-sized unit we offer at our Toronto West self-storage facility and can hold over three bedrooms worth of belongings. It is 50 feet larger than our 10’ x 20’ unit which means it can hold even more of your belongings and furniture.

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300 square ft

The largest size unit we have at our Toronto West self-storage facility is our 10’ x 30’ unit which is 300 square feet worth of space. It can be used to store three to four bedrooms worth of belongings. This unit is worth renting especially for those that have a tonne of belongings to store away.

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