Selling Your Home in the Winter

Home For Sale Sign in Front of Snowy New House

It is no secret that most people plan on selling their home or buying a home in the warmer seasons of the year. This is because people are more willing to come out to open houses and move into a new place when the weather is nicer. What if I told you that selling your home in the winter could give you an advantage in this extremely competitive housing market that we face in Toronto? Well, it does! Here are some ways that selling your home in the winter could be beneficial to you and how you could approach it.

Fewer Sellers

The housing market that we face in Toronto is extremely competitive especially during the spring/summer months. The sun is almost constantly shining, and people are spending time out of their homes. It seems like the ideal time to put your home on the market as most people are looking to buy. However, this can also make it more difficult for you to sell your home as there could be multiple houses going on sale during the summer months. If you decide to sell in the winter, there would be less competition. Who knows you might be the only one in your neighbourhood and if someone wants to live in the area it is a win-win! Your house would likely not be on the market as long as well.

More Serious Buyers

Those that go out of their way in the winter to go to an open house are usually more serious about looking to buy a home. You are likely to get more serious people looking to purchase your home. This can help avoid those that are interested but might not make an offer as people who tend to shop for homes in the spring, summer, and fall months are only “window shopping.” It can save you time and energy for other things during this selling and moving process.

Showcasing Your Home

This is where you could take advantage of the winter and holiday season. There is nothing wrong with having décor and showcasing that holiday spirit during the winter months. However, you want to ensure that any potential buyer can picture themselves in your home. It is best to keep it simple and depersonalize. You should avoid having pictures of yourself, friends, and family hanging above your fireplace. A huge plus of selling your home in the winter is being able to showcase how cozy your home could feel when it is -20 degrees Celsius outside. You could do this by having candles displayed on the table, turning the fireplace on, and having comfy blankets laying on the couch.

You also want to make sure your home is clean and well-maintained! It is the perfect time of the year to show off how well your home can sustain the cold Canadian winter. Take the time to double or triple-check that everything is working, especially the heater. Spend a few days cleaning every room in your home and make sure you pay attention to the details. Don’t forget about the outside of your home! Here are a few things to consider when preparing the outside of your home:

  1. Salt and shovel your driveway 
  2. Make sure you clean your windows, gutters, and drains
  3. Simplicity is always better when it comes to outdoor decor 

All of this is to help create a great first impression for every potential home-buyer that walks into your home. If you are interested in learning more tips and tricks for showcasing your home during the cold winter months you can check out: Secrets for Selling a Home in Winter and improve the chances of selling your home.


No matter what the season is if you are planning on selling your home and need a place to temporarily store your belongings during the transition storage is always a wonderful go-to option. Self-storage or mobile storage can help you store your personal belongings while you are staging your home for potential homebuyers. That is exactly what we do here at XYZ Storage, we help you make space in your home and ease your transition from place to place all year round. From all of us at XYZ Storage, if you are planning on selling your home in the winter, we hope your house does not stay on the market for too long!


published: 7 February 2020